F***ing Four’s

Here I sit, as my four year old talks my ear off and my nephew napping soundly. Why is she talking my ear off? She lost the remote to the living room TV and is giving me two options….1. Help her turn on Umizoomi in my room OR 2. teach her how to turn on Umizoomi in my bedroom. Which would I like? Ha! Since when did a 4 year old grow up to be a mother hen to her own mother? This is my Brynlee. I wonder at times if she was born in a different life and put on this earth to keep me on my toes. Ever heard of the mother’s curse… I sure have! “I HOPE ONE DAY YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER JUST LIKE YOU!”. OKAY, Kim you win…take the curse back!

This gets me to thinking, there are phrases for the first three years of life…but what about those F****ing Four’s. How does one keep their sanity? What if your child is JUST like you! Let me tell you… it is a blessed challenge all in that age. Do we tame the fours or let them thrive in independence and hopefully become a CEO one day. I have found a few things to get us through the abundance of year four.

First, snacks… Snacks for you, snack for her, snacks for everyone! If you keep the four year old fed life is great. Sure you can throw vegtables at them…seriously I have thrown carrots at Bryn. “Bryn I bet you can catch the carrot like the dog catches popcorn!” Hits her in the shoulder and the look of disgust comes out. I don’t know if I should run and hide or try again. I have found protein snacks have been a lifesaver!

Secondly, Essential oils. Our favorite for the F***ing Four’s is Young Living’s surrender applied right to her wrist or Lava bead bracelet. Next on the list is YL’s Endoflex! Don’t ask me how or why this one works but just like in the movies, I have P”ower of Christ Compels You” with Endoflex. I sat back and watched the irritation and stubborn attitude transition in seconds to a sweet, calm, and relaxed child. Endoflex is absolutely amazing, it reminds me of a minty nail salon. Seriously, order now and thank me later! https://www.myyl.com/corrynn.oil.oasis

Sunlight…okay not even just the sunlight but fresh air! Let that child run, run free and wild. Some favorite activities of my four year old is riding her bike, chasing her friends, swinging, swimming, and running through the woods naked. Yep…F***ing Fours!

Just know the one’s, two’s, and three’s are a breeze…get ready for the F***ing Fours!


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Mom of 3. Living a unique life.

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