Magnet Lashes 🧲… what!?!?!

Okay everyone…here is the thing. I became a SAHM and am teaching my children virtually. Lets be real… I never put make up on and was starting to become depressed. I never felt good about myself until I found magnetic lashes!!!! Keep reading to find out why you need these in your life! 1. They…

Oils are here…now what?

So you took the plunge and ordered some essential oils…at least I hope they were not store brand. More on that a later time. Are you wondering what to do with your oils now that you have them? Full disclosure- I am not a doctor, I do not play one TV. My knowledge comes from…

Virtual learning…help!

When someone hears virtual learning, they may want to run in the opposite direction. I’ve been there numerous times in the past three weeks. Virtual home schooling a 3ker, 4ker, and 5th grader. Eeek! Read on for 10 tips to make virtual learning easier for your family. Top 10 tips for virtual learning 1. Make…

Choose wellness over illness

Three years ago I was constantly sick. Someone had to just look at in my direction and I would catch their cold. I was working full-time in my home running a daycare. I had two children going to school. Think about all of the germs I came into contact one day. Sure, it was great…


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Meet the Authors

Corrynn-I am a biological mother to my son, Weston and Daughter, Brynlee. An added mom to my daughter, Kiera. I have married my husband in 2016. He keeps me constantly laughing and is the most supportive man I have ever met! I love essential oils, helping others, spending time with friends and family, swimming, and being a mom. My life motto: Live life abundantly with grace and joy.

Meet Amber â€“ I am a mom of one adventurous little boy named Zeppelin. I also have two fur babies. My cats names are Nalla and Donkey. â€“ I enjoy camping, arts and crafts, kayaking, and making memories. -We started Oil oasis 2.0 to share a more natural way of life. We have raised beautiful families on our holistic beliefs.  â€“ my life motto: Everything’s better with your tongue out.

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