Choose wellness over illness

Three years ago I was constantly sick. Someone had to just look at in my direction and I would catch their cold. I was working full-time in my home running a daycare. I had two children going to school. Think about all of the germs I came into contact one day. Sure, it was great for my immune system but after three doctor appointments in one month…I had enough! That is when i decided to choose wellness over illness.

In today’s crazy world you see us starting at a young age pumping our bodies full of chemicals. From the stuff we eat to the soap we put on our body. Did you know your skin is your largest organ on your body?! Now think about all the things your skin comes into contact with in a day. In one day we have an average contact around 700K chemicals…one freaking day! What if we could slow down the amount of chemicals we put near or on our body? I took that plunge…let me tell you I am will never go back!

Why ditch the toxins?

Your body will start to detox. Your internal organs will begin to start functioning properly. Your stomach will slowly become less inflamed. Your energy will begin to improve. Your skin and hair may start to grow again. Your mind will be more relaxed. Your body will begin function better to fight off those dreaded germs.

Here is my favorite list of items I use through Young Living to ditch the toxins in our home!

So what are you waiting for? You buy most of these items already. Would it change your mind on trying a natural way if you could earn points to use like Kohl’s cash?! Ask me how in the comments!!


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