Magnet Lashes 🧲… what!?!?!

Okay everyone…here is the thing. I became a SAHM and am teaching my children virtually. Lets be real… I never put make up on and was starting to become depressed. I never felt good about myself until I found magnetic lashes!!!! Keep reading to find out why you need these in your life!

1. They are 100% NATURAL! WHAT!?!?

2. These are crazy easy to apply…liner, anchors, or mascara. Literally takes 2 minutes.

3. Incredibly affordable!! They last way longer than those tints and extentions.

4. There are plenty of options. You can even stack them!

My favorite is selfie!

5. You can feel good. These lashes are not just about wearing but about giving yourself a huge confidence boost!!!!


What are you waiting for?!?! Get some lashes lady!

Tell me in the comments which lashes you ordered!


Oils are here…now what?

So you took the plunge and ordered some essential oils…at least I hope they were not store brand. More on that a later time. Are you wondering what to do with your oils now that you have them?

Full disclosure- I am not a doctor, I do not play one TV. My knowledge comes from learning from a medical doctor, reading many books, and learning from other oil lovers.

🥰Top 5 ways to use your essential oils🥰

1. Diffuser- This is a way to fill a room with your favorite aroma. Simply add water to the diffuser then add three to ten drops of your oil. You can mix oils together by placing a few drops of different ones in the water to make different scents. My favorite go to for everyday in the fall is posted below. I would highly recommend the Desert Mist Diffuser from Young Living, I love how I can change the colors and the output of mist. We even like to dress it up for the holidays.

2. Add to your Jewlery- You can find all types of jewelry to add your oils to. I personally, like to make all of my own jewlery with my favorite being bracelets. Add two drops to your lava beads on your jewlery as often as you want throughout the day. I especially love diffuser bracelets for my children. It gives a subtle scent during the day and spices up their unique outfits they choose.

3. Cook with it- Did you know that you can cook with Young Living’s Vitality oils? They are FDA approved for internal comsumtion. I have made peppermint brownies by adding two drops to my brownie mix. I have used black pepper to season a dish so the kids wouldn’t complain that their was crushed black pepper in their food. (Black pepper is strong!) Some oils are stronger than others. For example, Black pepper you only need to dip a toothpick in the bottle and then stir that around in your dish.

4. Internal consumption- I can only speak for Young Living oils due to their Seed to Seal promise and their FDA approved Vitality line. I like to spice up my water with a few drops of lemon, in order to not have the oil and water seperate add a tiny pinch of salt. The oils will adhere to the salt and mix fully into the water. If you can taste the salt you put WAY too much in. Some days I have so much anxiety that I like to use the vitality Frankiscense, I put two drops under my tongue. Within a short time, I am relaxed and ready to continue on. If I ever feel a cold coming on I will make a Vitality Thieves tea. I boil 8oz of water and add three to four drops of Thieves Vitality oil. You can use Veggie capsules and add your diluted vitality oils into the veggie capsules.

5. Hygeine products- You can make your own hygeine products. The things to make are endless… soaps, shampoo, body wash, lotion, butt cream, hand sanitzer, chapstick, etc. The amount of hygiene producgts you can make is endless. The biggest mistake people make, is adding their oils to their base when the base is still too hot. This in return will cause your oils to “cook out”. You will be left with minimal scent in your product.

Helpful links to get you started!

Don’t want to make the products yourself? That’s okay! We take the science work out for you and make custom orders for anyone! The links below will help you find what you need to get started with using your oils!

Oils, Vitality oils and Diffusers

Jewelry and Hygeine products

Veggie Capsules

Virtual learning…help!

When someone hears virtual learning, they may want to run in the opposite direction. I’ve been there numerous times in the past three weeks. Virtual home schooling a 3ker, 4ker, and 5th grader. Eeek! Read on for 10 tips to make virtual learning easier for your family.

3k and 4k time!
Learning the solar system!

Top 10 tips for virtual learning

1. Make a dedicated space for learning time.

2. Take breaks! Sitting for long periods of time can be tough. Get up and move!

3. Snacks…high in protein, low in sugar.

4. Prepare for the next day the evening before.

5. Remember that class is not 8a to 3p, 5 days a week. It is what you make it!

6. Stay flexible, make a schedule for your family but know it is okay to deviate from said schedule. Not one schedule will work for every family.

7. Keep it fun! Make sure to be laughing and smiling. Keep giving high fives and hugs!

8. Eat your frog legs first! What does this mean? Get the most challenging subject out of the way first!

9. Create a calm environment. Diffusing essential oils can help with this. Check out the brain boost recipe below.

10. Appreciate this extra time with your children! They grow up so fast, soak up every minute.

What is your biggest struggle or tip for fellow virtual schooling families? Let’s us know in the comments!

Choose wellness over illness

Three years ago I was constantly sick. Someone had to just look at in my direction and I would catch their cold. I was working full-time in my home running a daycare. I had two children going to school. Think about all of the germs I came into contact one day. Sure, it was great for my immune system but after three doctor appointments in one month…I had enough! That is when i decided to choose wellness over illness.

In today’s crazy world you see us starting at a young age pumping our bodies full of chemicals. From the stuff we eat to the soap we put on our body. Did you know your skin is your largest organ on your body?! Now think about all the things your skin comes into contact with in a day. In one day we have an average contact around 700K chemicals…one freaking day! What if we could slow down the amount of chemicals we put near or on our body? I took that plunge…let me tell you I am will never go back!

Why ditch the toxins?

Your body will start to detox. Your internal organs will begin to start functioning properly. Your stomach will slowly become less inflamed. Your energy will begin to improve. Your skin and hair may start to grow again. Your mind will be more relaxed. Your body will begin function better to fight off those dreaded germs.

Here is my favorite list of items I use through Young Living to ditch the toxins in our home!

So what are you waiting for? You buy most of these items already. Would it change your mind on trying a natural way if you could earn points to use like Kohl’s cash?! Ask me how in the comments!!

Wonder woman!

Feel like you’re doing it all? Feel like you are the glue holding 

everyone’s life together? Taking care of the kids, going to work, 

household management, bills, and so much more! Well wonder woman

 you need to take some time for yourself… As hard as that may be. Find

At least 5 minutes every day for some self care. Here’s the time where I 

Share my secrets!!!

1. I enjoy sitting in the sunlight

2.Drinking a cup of coffee

3.Reading a chapter in my book

4.I love going for walks

5.Taking a hot shower

6.Working out/ yoga

7.Listening to music



10.laying in bed

11.And smelling my oils

What are some things you do to relax, unwind, reset? #momswag #oiloasis2.0 #metime #wonderwomen #selfcare

Grow your hair back naturally!

Losing hair from hormones, pregnancy, old age, wearing your hair in a bun? Did you know over 300 million Americans are losing their hair! 1 in 5 people are under the age of 30! Learn below how to grow your hair back with a chemical free spray!

It all began 3 years ago. I had given birth a year prior and was under a lot of stress. On top of that my hair was incredibly long. I was always rocking the mom bun! Note to others, don’t wear your hair up in the same spot for a year straight!

I was brushing my hair after my shower and noticed major hair loss on the top of my head. I ran into the bedroom by my husband FREAKING OUT! He reassured me it wasnt “too bad” and stop freaking out.

That response made me break out my oil reference book and start my research. I even reached out to a doctor who is part of my oily sisterhood to see what she recommended. Finally! I found a powerhouse of oils!

-Lavender-the Swiss army knife of oils. Literally good for anything!

Cedarwood- a woodsy aroma that calms and used for hair growth.

Rosemary- Also known for hair growth and stimulates the hair follicles.

Tea tree- This is used as an anti fungal so good bye dandruff. Not to mention lice do not like the smell of tea tree!

I whipped up all of these oils into a spray bottle and sprayed on my hair twice a day. Within 30 days I had new hair growth!!! My hair grew almost 1 inch in those 30 days too!!!

Now I use this on my daughter to help with the tangles. Along with spraying in my hair daily. Goodbye bald spot!! What are you waiting for, place an order today!

Tame the frizz, enjoy natural hair growth with ease.

What Defines a person?

I sit here at 2:30am in my children’s home classroom located in the basement- Yep the unfinished non-matched furniture of a classroom. Warm coffee with a three second pour of creamer in my cup (the cup a hand-me-down from my mother), snuggled on my feet is my dog, an Australian Shepherd(not originally our family pet). I sit here awake wondering, do you know that YOU are important? YOU are enough in this world!

What defines us as people? Is it our physical characteristics, amount of money in the bank or retirement, the cars we drive, the structures we chose for a home? I like to think all of these things in fact do not define us. What defines a person is not a material…it is the story YOU have created!

Lets start from the beginning

A baby is born into this world. What defines that child? Their looks? I heard so many times from other mothers, “wow that baby is cute”, “whoa look at that babies head of hair”, “Hopefully that baby grows into their face”, etc. Right out of the womb, someone else is defining who we are by our physical attributes. Let’s change the constant need to define a living life. Instead, “that baby” has already begun to tell their story before they even entered this world. Open your eyes to the story they have told from inside the womb.

Childhood years

“Johnny, don’t touch that”, “Johnny, you are so ridiculous”, “Johnny, you don’t get candy”, “Johnny you cannot stay up 10 more minutes”, “Johnny, get down from there you will get hurt”. These are 5 things that I have personally said to at least one of my children at some point in their life. I defined my children without purposefully doing so. I defined them as the naughty child, the annoying child, the unhealthy child, the reckless child, the wild child. All in the words that I used. Think of the mental health toll that would take on a child’s mind if we constantly made negative remarks. Instead of saying no, say YES! “Johnny you can look with your eyes”, “Johnny you have a wonderful vocabulary”, “Johnny, half an apple and then a piece of candy”, “Johnny you can stay up 10 more minutes, but lets brush your teeth now”, “Johnny, please place your feet on the floor”. You want a kinder world, you want to help build your child’s story-the story that defines them, then you need to plant the right kind of seeds.


It is not the house that I live in that defines who I am. It is not the neighborhood I live in that defines me. It is the not the 14 year old mini van that I drive that defines me. It is not the clothing that I buy that defines me. It is not the career that defines me. It is my story. It is the decisions I made and the outcomes I drove that defines me. Since when in society did it become okay to judge others? Since when did our society decide that other people get to decide who we are as a person?

Who defines you?

YOU! YOU get to define yourself. YOU get to make your story! YOU get to tell your story. YOU DO YOUR THING IN LIFE! Don’t let anyone make YOU feel less than what YOU are. YOU went through that hard situation and made it out alive. YOU loved yourself enough to wake up everyday! YOU get to choose your happiness. YOU don’t have to explain to the nay-sayers one damn word as to why YOU live life the way YOU do. Make YOUR story, I bet my ass off your story is the most unique yet! Stand out and be YOU! Need I tell the ones in the back louder…YOU ARE ENOUGH!

  • I was a 19 year old single pregnant woman. I raised my son as a single mom and went to college while working a full time job. I went on to start two small businesses…that wasn’t easy and still isn’t. I married the love of my life. I am raising three beautiful children. I am happy with who I am. I am happy with the place we call home. I am happy to spend each day with my children…even the hard days. Had I not been that 19 year old single pregnant woman, I don’t know that I would have found MY happiness. My journey isn’t your typical “as seen on TV” journey. That is okay, it has made me who I am today! Again, it is MY story, MY journey, MY joy!
    • I leave you with my favorite quote: Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are your seeds. YOU can grow flowers or YOU can grow weeds.

I need the sun!

the sun doesn’t always have a bad reputation. The sun has been linked to so many health benefits when used safely. For example it releses vitamin D and a mood boosting hormone in your brain called serotonin. The sun also helps boost your immune system and lower blood pressure. Having a hard time sleeping at night? Sit in the sun!


I am a solar charged woman! No I’m serious, once while camping we didn’t have sun for like 3 days and the forest was too dense to even allow some in. One morning sitting around the campfire my nephew said ” Auntie I think I see some sun!” I kid you not, my nephew, my son, and I took off running down the road in search of that sun. After what felt like for flipping ever we got to this small patch of sunlight. We sat in the grass basking in those beautiful rays for a bit. My nephew Weston goes “Auntie what percentage are you charged at?” I said, “about 50% bud.”  Both my boys then lock me in the biggest bear hug ever. Weston then says “There now your up to… 75% we gave you some of our charge.” For flipping sake when did they get so cute! Added bonus…some math was involved and he didn’t even know… Score! I was one happy camper…literally! I have struggled with depression and anxiety all my life. The sun helps put them both at bay. “Hold on I’m solar charging. I’m at about 68%!”

Live life to the fullest

Live Life to the fullest? What does this mean? How do you live your life to the fullest with the best intentions. Recently I binge watched the show “The Good Place”. You know the one where you receive a numerical number for every action you do in this world. When you die either you are in the negative or the positive. So either you go to the “The Good Place” OR “The Bad Place”. Super fun and interesting to watch. FORK YES! What if in our lives we lived like the show…would their be more positivity in the world today? What if we could change our mindset to take a negative situation and turn it into a positive.


For Amber and I, the way we go about our daily lives are quite different, yet still practical for each of us. Amber lives her life without a clock…Seriously she has a time called “Amber Time”. I know to tell her to be somewhere an hour before she is supposed to be and that I will still be waiting another 10 minutes. 😉 For me- I love structure!! When I say love… I mean, the crazy wicked side would come out when I get thrown off for a day. I used to be that person that would judge and get frustrated when a time frame didn’t go exactly how I had it planned. I have eased up my own daily expectations and have learned to go with the flow. Somethings are just not worth stressing over. For example, if i get to the grocery store at 11:05 instead of 11:00, does that mean I won’t be able to get groceries? Nope! Don’t set yourself up for failure, give yourself some grace! Adjust your day accordingly…the dishes can wait, the laundry can sit in the dryer for an extra hour, groceries are not going to run out if you get out the door a few minutes late, that campsite is still going to be available when you go since you reserved it anyways. Enjoy each and every moment of your day.

Laugh like nobody is watching

We were camping, our children were crabby and we were about to lose our ever lasting Sh*t! Amber looks over to me and says, “We’re making memories”. Instantly, that changed my mindset. She was right, we were making memories not only for ourselves but for our children as well. So what if we had one complaining he was bored….we are in the woods dude…buck up! Two that were fighting over a bottle cap (treasure)…it is freaking hot outside…there are about 20 other bottle caps on the ground. What did we do? We laughed! In that moment, all we could do is laugh. Why allow your body to build up more cortisol (stress hormone) and ruin your day? Laugh it off..make memories! Recently I was trying to chop wood for a warm fire, after a long day of being on the water and waiting for the impending doom of storms on the horizon. The mini log was by no means cooperating so I hit it against a tree…This tree happened to be on the tree the clothesline was hooked to. Instant replay, I hit the stick against the tree…Next thing I know the entire clothes line was laying on the ground and this stick was still intact. What originally would get me to yelling like a sailor, instead had me laughing to the point of tears! Live life and laugh on!

Adventures can only go as far as your mind will allow!

Amber arrives to my house, in a complete funk! After talking to her, throwing oils at her, offering a drink, nothing was working. I looked at her and said, “Get in the van we are going for drive!” Two dogs, three children and the two of us, we drove and looked at potential campsites for future camping. 10 minutes into our drive she said, “This is exactly what I needed! Not have a plan and go on an adventure!” That day we were racing the clock via Amber time. We ended up finding a campground that we will be going to every year, our dogs got some extra exercise and a glorious car ride, the children got out of the house and didn’t have to wear a mask while doing so! For us, we got to go on an adventure, we pointed the mama mobile in a direction and set out and hoped for the best. Allow yourself to be adventurous. Give yourself a chance to reboot and take in our beautiful world around.

Music..hands touching hands

Music has always been a large part of our lives. We are constantly dancing, singing, and listening to music. When was the last time you branched out and listened to something new? Do you ever break out in song during a stressful situation? Give it a try, I bet you will be smiling! When my son was little, I lived with Amber and her family for a short while. While laying in bed I hear her sing…Hands touching Hands, touching you,touching me (she grabbed my hand in the dark)! WTF Amber?! I am trying to sleep. Ever since that night we always turn our lives into song. Makes life way easier. My life be like Oooo,Aaahhh,Oooo,Aaahhh.

Some of our favorite songs right now are posted below. Be the music in your life, what song would be your theme song?

Always be jamming, trying new things!

F***ing Four’s

Here I sit, as my four year old talks my ear off and my nephew napping soundly. Why is she talking my ear off? She lost the remote to the living room TV and is giving me two options….1. Help her turn on Umizoomi in my room OR 2. teach her how to turn on Umizoomi in my bedroom. Which would I like? Ha! Since when did a 4 year old grow up to be a mother hen to her own mother? This is my Brynlee. I wonder at times if she was born in a different life and put on this earth to keep me on my toes. Ever heard of the mother’s curse… I sure have! “I HOPE ONE DAY YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER JUST LIKE YOU!”. OKAY, Kim you win…take the curse back!

This gets me to thinking, there are phrases for the first three years of life…but what about those F****ing Four’s. How does one keep their sanity? What if your child is JUST like you! Let me tell you… it is a blessed challenge all in that age. Do we tame the fours or let them thrive in independence and hopefully become a CEO one day. I have found a few things to get us through the abundance of year four.

First, snacks… Snacks for you, snack for her, snacks for everyone! If you keep the four year old fed life is great. Sure you can throw vegtables at them…seriously I have thrown carrots at Bryn. “Bryn I bet you can catch the carrot like the dog catches popcorn!” Hits her in the shoulder and the look of disgust comes out. I don’t know if I should run and hide or try again. I have found protein snacks have been a lifesaver!

Secondly, Essential oils. Our favorite for the F***ing Four’s is Young Living’s surrender applied right to her wrist or Lava bead bracelet. Next on the list is YL’s Endoflex! Don’t ask me how or why this one works but just like in the movies, I have P”ower of Christ Compels You” with Endoflex. I sat back and watched the irritation and stubborn attitude transition in seconds to a sweet, calm, and relaxed child. Endoflex is absolutely amazing, it reminds me of a minty nail salon. Seriously, order now and thank me later!

Sunlight…okay not even just the sunlight but fresh air! Let that child run, run free and wild. Some favorite activities of my four year old is riding her bike, chasing her friends, swinging, swimming, and running through the woods naked. Yep…F***ing Fours!

Just know the one’s, two’s, and three’s are a breeze…get ready for the F***ing Fours!