Wonder woman!

Feel like you’re doing it all? Feel like you are the glue holding  everyone’s life together? Taking care of the kids, going to work,  household management, bills, and so much more! Well wonder woman  you need to take some time for yourself… As hard as that may be. Find At least 5 minutes every dayContinue reading “Wonder woman!”

What Defines a person?

I sit here at 2:30am in my children’s home classroom located in the basement- Yep the unfinished non-matched furniture of a classroom. Warm coffee with a three second pour of creamer in my cup (the cup a hand-me-down from my mother), snuggled on my feet is my dog, an Australian Shepherd(not originally our family pet).Continue reading “What Defines a person?”

Live life to the fullest

Live Life to the fullest? What does this mean? How do you live your life to the fullest with the best intentions. Recently I binge watched the show “The Good Place”. You know the one where you receive a numerical number for every action you do in this world. When you die either you areContinue reading “Live life to the fullest”