Wonder woman!

Feel like you’re doing it all? Feel like you are the glue holding 

everyone’s life together? Taking care of the kids, going to work, 

household management, bills, and so much more! Well wonder woman

 you need to take some time for yourself… As hard as that may be. Find

At least 5 minutes every day for some self care. Here’s the time where I 

Share my secrets!!!

1. I enjoy sitting in the sunlight

2.Drinking a cup of coffee

3.Reading a chapter in my book

4.I love going for walks

5.Taking a hot shower

6.Working out/ yoga

7.Listening to music



10.laying in bed

11.And smelling my oils

What are some things you do to relax, unwind, reset? #momswag #oiloasis2.0 #metime #wonderwomen #selfcare


Published by Abundantly Thriving

Mom of 3. Living a unique life.

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