Grow your hair back naturally!

Losing hair from hormones, pregnancy, old age, wearing your hair in a bun? Did you know over 300 million Americans are losing their hair! 1 in 5 people are under the age of 30! Learn below how to grow your hair back with a chemical free spray!

It all began 3 years ago. I had given birth a year prior and was under a lot of stress. On top of that my hair was incredibly long. I was always rocking the mom bun! Note to others, don’t wear your hair up in the same spot for a year straight!

I was brushing my hair after my shower and noticed major hair loss on the top of my head. I ran into the bedroom by my husband FREAKING OUT! He reassured me it wasnt “too bad” and stop freaking out.

That response made me break out my oil reference book and start my research. I even reached out to a doctor who is part of my oily sisterhood to see what she recommended. Finally! I found a powerhouse of oils!

-Lavender-the Swiss army knife of oils. Literally good for anything!

Cedarwood- a woodsy aroma that calms and used for hair growth.

Rosemary- Also known for hair growth and stimulates the hair follicles.

Tea tree- This is used as an anti fungal so good bye dandruff. Not to mention lice do not like the smell of tea tree!

I whipped up all of these oils into a spray bottle and sprayed on my hair twice a day. Within 30 days I had new hair growth!!! My hair grew almost 1 inch in those 30 days too!!!

Now I use this on my daughter to help with the tangles. Along with spraying in my hair daily. Goodbye bald spot!! What are you waiting for, place an order today!

Tame the frizz, enjoy natural hair growth with ease.


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