I need the sun!

the sun doesn’t always have a bad reputation. The sun has been linked to so many health benefits when used safely. For example it releses vitamin D and a mood boosting hormone in your brain called serotonin. The sun also helps boost your immune system and lower blood pressure. Having a hard time sleeping at night? Sit in the sun!


I am a solar charged woman! No I’m serious, once while camping we didn’t have sun for like 3 days and the forest was too dense to even allow some in. One morning sitting around the campfire my nephew said ” Auntie I think I see some sun!” I kid you not, my nephew, my son, and I took off running down the road in search of that sun. After what felt like for flipping ever we got to this small patch of sunlight. We sat in the grass basking in those beautiful rays for a bit. My nephew Weston goes “Auntie what percentage are you charged at?” I said, “about 50% bud.”  Both my boys then lock me in the biggest bear hug ever. Weston then says “There now your up to… 75% we gave you some of our charge.” For flipping sake when did they get so cute! Added bonus…some math was involved and he didn’t even know… Score! I was one happy camper…literally! I have struggled with depression and anxiety all my life. The sun helps put them both at bay. “Hold on I’m solar charging. I’m at about 68%!” 



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Mom of 3. Living a unique life.

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